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  • Sewage water treatment projects with Hungarian technology and financing launched in another two cities of Ghana

Sewage water treatment projects with Hungarian technology and financing launched in another two cities of Ghana

Construction starts in Takoradi and Tamale soon 
A financing agreement on the solution of sewage water treatment problems in the western (Takoradi) and northern (Tamale) regions of Ghana with the use of Hungarian technology, was ceremonially signed by the parties on 28 January 2021.

At present only 7-10% of the sewage water collected in cities is treated properly, thus the urgent establishment of wastewater treatment plants has become indispensable both from the point of view of environmental protection and public hygiene.

It is already the second water management project in the African country that is implemented by the Hungarian technology exporter: the plants are designed and constructed by Pureco-Unit Consortium for one of the largest privately-owned enterprise in Ghana, the Jospong Group of Companies. It is a major success for Hungary as the Ghanaian investors selected the Hungarian technology exporter and constructor from among rather strong international competitors. EXIM Hungary provides funding to the construction in the form of buyer credit, i.e. the bank grants credit to the Ghanaian contractor to ensure the implementation of the project, the success of the Hungarian consortium and a stable financial return.

In knowledge of the local conditions and based on pre-assessed needs and opportunities, the sewage water treatment technology to be applied in Takoradi and Tamale will not only provide the city with an optimal wastewater treatment method but will also support local people in maintaining and operating the system with the help of active educational and training programmes.

The implementation of the project will start in the near future; according to the plans, no raw sewage will be released into the environment either in Takoradi, or in Tamale.

The Pureco-Unit Consortium and the Jospong Group of Companies already have experience in cooperation; a waste water plant is currently under construction in Kumasi, the Ghanaian city of two million inhabitants. The construction is in its final stage and the trial operation will soon start. The realisation of the investment has also been supported by EXIM granting buyer credit.

With the help of the buyer credit granted to the foreign contractor by EXIM, the Hungarian Consortium can demonstrate its professional competence, the international competitiveness of Hungarian technology and thereby the potential of Hungarian export in three African sites.  The investments contribute to the growth of the export market activity of the Hungarian water industry, the strengthening of the visibility and acknowledgement of the Hungarian technical expertise and promote the access to other potential markets.

The goal of EXIM Hungary is to support companies exporting Hungarian knowledge, goods, technology and services by offering credit, insurance and guarantee. In the case of the Ghanaian investments, the financial institution provides credit and credit insurance in addition to the internationally highly competitive Hungarian water technology.

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