International Relations and Cooperations

As an effect of globalization of the trade the presentation and representation of the Hungarian exporters’ interest play an increasingly critical role on the international scene. Export Credit Agencies (“ECA”) cooperate with one another all across the board over the world in order to promote their own countries’ exports and foreign investments through offering favorable trade financing solutions. Besides working together on financing individual projects the ECAs also seek to develop favourable situation and conditions for national exporters in the international organizations.

As Hungary’s official export credit agencies, Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc. and Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc. (under the common brand: “EXIM”), have been mandated to represent the interests of Hungarian exporters in various international forums – primarily in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Berne Union and the European Association of Public Banks – and support Hungarian foreign trade within the limits of their competence and available resources.

„..exports that are driven by the best combination of price, quality and service, rather than financing or other subsidies, bring the most overall value to the global economy and, therefore, its participants. This approach rewards efficient producers and most efficiently allocates global resources not merely at a point in time but more importantly over time.”

(Steve Tvardek – Head of the OECD’s Export Credits Division)