International organizations responsible for the regulation of export credits and insurance activities


Hungary has been a member of OECD since 1996, which has 34 member countries and it now maintains co-operative relations with more than 70 non-member states in the field of elaborating and developing multilateral trade and trade related agreements and directives. Furthermore, the organization carries out analyses on statistical, macro-economic and commercial topics and publishes them on a regular basis. The OECD Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits signed in 1978 and the relevant provisions concerning environmental and social due diligence, sustainability and transparency all have a determining impact on the operations of  EXIM (the quoted regulations can be accessed under the link below):


After the accession to the European Union, officially supported export credit activity of Hungary fell under the divided authority of Competition Directorate and the Trade Directorate of the European Commission. Legislation and supervision of short term transactions are conducted by the Competition DG, whilst the MLT transactions are covered by the Trade DG. Hungarian interests are represented by EXIM within the Council Working Group dealing with export credit issues, which tasks are carried out under the coordination of Ministry in charge of finance.

Berne Union – Prague Club

The Berne Union is the leading international organization of public and private sector providers of export credit and investment insurance. Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc. entered the organization in 2000, which together with the Prague Club has more than 70 members. The Berne Union is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating world-wide cross-border trade and investments by fostering international acceptance of sound principles in export credits and investments insurance, and by providing a forum for professional information and experience exchanges among its members. The organization has a vast network and provides both its members and their respective countries with a professional establishment..