Gergely Jákli  Chairman of the Board, CEO
Deputy Chief Executive Officers  
Dr. József Dancsó Financial deputy CEO
István Attila Szabó deputy CEO, Business Operations
Executive Directors  
Anikó Biczó Managing director, Risk management
László Kámán Managing director, Operation
Ákos Dölle Director, Treasurer, Money and Capital Market Operations
Károly Stefáni Director, Project and Structured Finance
Arda Tugay Head of Istambul Office
Balázs Wintermantel Acting Director, Bank & Information Security
Béla Sólyom Director, Controlling and Reporting
Dr. Andor Krisztina Director, Legal Office
Dr. Diána Fónagy Director, Internal Auditor Office
Dr. Gábor Hodosi Director, Compliance Office
Dr. Tamás Kristóf Director, Risk Management, Methodology and Claim Enforcement Management
Gábor Szőcs Director, Cabinet of CEO
Gabriella Kárpáti Director, Refinancing
Györgyi Szocska Director, Accounting
Krisztián Virágh  Director, Procurement and Operation
Krisztina Balogh Director, Corporate Finance and Credit Collateral Guarantee
Krisztina Ivanics Director, Product Development and Sales Support
Laura Nyakas Director, Marketing and Communications
Gábor Lukácsi Head of Beograd Office
Áron Benedek Director, Human Resources
Zoltán Forgács Director, Back Office
Róbert Griljov Director, Eastern Europe and Central Asia/ Head of Moscow Office
Balázs Gyenes Direktor, IT Development
Zsolt Nagy Director, IT Operations
Róbert Bartus Director, Corporate and Structured Risk Management, Work Out
Márton Kovács Director, Head of Nur-Sultan Office
Viktor Berki Director, Export Financing, Insurance and International Relations