Country Risk Map

The Hungarian Exim classifies almost 174 countries and examines their risks. The purpose of our country risk rating is to disclose all the risks that can support our clients in decasion making related to their potential international business activity.

Guide to using the map

On the interactive map, when you move the cursor to the selected country, detailed information provided about the country's Exim risk classification (on a 1-7 scale), main economic indicators, population data, place on Hungary's export ranking and the information about the available credit periods. The map can be enlarged or reduced as desired.

The country risk classifications on a 1-7 scale show the risk level of the given relations, which means that the category "1" shows the countries with the lowest country risk, while the category "7" shows the countries with extremely high country risk. With regard to the maturity terms we differentiate short term (ST) and medium or long term (M/LT) maturity in terms of financing and providing insurance.


On the map you can find information of the Exim financing/cover policy as follows:

   Cover without any restriction in case of M/LT transactions
   Cover without any restriction in case of ST; M/LT transactions
   Cover on case by case basis in case of ST; M/LT transactions
   Off cover

Sources: World Bank, Hungarian Central Statistical Office